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What is happening...

Do you know the Government has given $55 million to control the media?

Should NZ open its coal mines instead of spending millions importing inferior foreign coal?

Should businesses need to have 5% Maori on their staff to get a contract?

Should all DOC land be transferred to Maori?

Has the Government helped the homeless to get out of motels into homes?

Do you want a $665 million cycle bridge across Auckland harbour?

Do you know the Government wants Maori to govern NZ by 2040?

Should NZ change its name to Aotearoa?

Has Jacinda kept her promise to reduce child poverty?

We want YOU to Have Your Say NZ!

We welcome anyone to have their say on the actions being taken by the current government without the ability for the public to have debate. Please feel free to contact us via our website forum otherwise you can email or contact us via Instagram @haveyoursaynz or on Facebook Have Your Say NZ.