Nil bastarda carborundum – Don’t let the b........s grind you down


1. The NZ  Herald refuses to publish any information from Dr Michael Basset,   former Labour Cabinet Minister and an eminent historian.

2. The Herald told Leighton Smith never to interview Dr Bassett again on his show.

3. The Herald also advised columnist Richard Prebble, if he mentioned Dr Bassett in an article, it was unlikely to be published.

4. Dr Bassett, a leading Treaty authority, upset the government by stating the Treaty does not refer to a partnership between the Crown and Maori as the Crown cannot legally enter a partnership  with any entity.

5. Jacinda Ardern's  most appalling broken promise of an open, transparent government is evident daily in her evasive answers and spin on the truth.

6. The 1 pm briefings are a taxpayer funded platform for Labour electioneering - as the information could be in a Health Department press release.

7. The PM takes only patsy questions and dodges answering any challenges to her view.

8. Journalists, who ask hard questions and challenge the g overnment’s spin, are refused interviews, excluded from press conferences, and ignored at media stand-ups.

9. The PM refuses to deny Pfizer offered NZ extra vaccine last year, and says the government went for the best option!! Yet the extra $40 million vaccine cost is vastly less than the hundreds of millions lost through lockdown.

10. Why has no explanation for the source of recent lockdowns been explained? Is it because  this would expose failures of MIQ management?


About face too late.  Why did the government wait till the Delta outbreak to exhort people to be vaccinated -  saying this will prevent future lockdowns?  If they had   done this in January, NZ would not be in lockdown now.

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