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Newsletter Three: Delta Disgrace

Government totally unprepared - at our cost 

1. Lockdown would not have been necessary if we had all been vaccinated early as promised. Police and other vital services not prioritised.

2. ALL  vaccination centres were closed for 48 hours after lockdown and many have not reopened as staff are being transferred to testing stations. NO boosters ordered

3. Testing stations are understaffed and cannot cope with demand, but government refuses to use saliva testing.

4. Saliva testing developed by Victoria University is  proven to be 97% efficient,  less invasive, can be done at home, and the results are available immediately. 

5. Lockdown is costing NZ $290 million a day. A $40 million payment to Pfizer would have guaranteed early unlimited vaccines.

6. Instead Minister Hipkins spent millions on PR  and advertising campaigns.  PM has 4 spin doctors, Cabinet Ministers 2 each, MBIE has 64, and NZTA 72. 

7. Covid Fund spent on cameras on fishing boats, and unwanted school lunches.

8. Use of the Bluetooth card would have avoided the need for hours of contract tracing

9. Doctors say health system handicapped by shortage of nurses and  ICU beds.

10. UK media  laughing at PM's elimination strategy which is unrealistic  - favoured only by control freaks out of touch with latest science.

Gaffe of the week. 

The PM has the solution for Afghanistan and has told the Taliban to be "nice" to women.   Perhaps her hero  is King Canute who failed in his message to waves.

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PM  as Marie Antoinette 

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