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Newsletter Two: Mismanaged MIQ

MIQ - Mismanaged Isolation and Quarantine
A  sad mess funded by taxpayers
1          Thousands of workers are needed in farming, produce, construction, hospitality, tech and other industries - yet the Government  will not act to help our economy .
2          Government refuses to acknowledge there is a skills crisis.  Their suggestion that higher wages will solve the problem is totally  unrealistic.   The unemployed cannot and do not want to perform the work.
3          MIQ is fully booked to December and  bots are making it impossible to book a space, Tens of thousands of NZers are unable to travel home
4          Yet Larry page, the Wiggles, the Wallabies and others were allowed to jump the queue. 
5          400 places have been set aside for attendees at an overseas Expo - including government employees...
6          We risk losing essential migrant workers who have been  separated from their children for a year or more..
7          Millions are owed for quarantine because the government  system of collection is a failure. Why didn't  all arrivals submit their credit on arrival - as in any other hotel?
8          .Although Immigration's role includes processing  visa applications, it recently announced that some 50,000 visa applications will not be dealt with, and all applicants must try again.  
NB Covid Response Minister Hipkins has a BA in politics and criminology, and Immigration Minister Faafoi has a Diploma in Broadcasting - neither has business experience.
This week's gaffe
Government-owned Transpower admitted several failures which were responsible for a major power outage. Yet Energy Minister Megan Woods refused to apologise for earlier putting the blame on Genesis and the power companies.  Perhaps her PhD in history may not be the ideal qualification for this portfolio.

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