Nil bastarda carborundum – Don’t let the b........s grind you down

Our Aim

We have launched Have Your Say NZ as there is a lack of public debate over the current government. People within New Zealand do not believe and feel they don't have any say over the current government's lack of progress on key important issues. Our aim is to provide New Zealands with their democratic right to question the lack of transparency and performance by the government.

New Zealanders are angry that neither the Prime Minister nor her government ever apologise for the many mistakes they have made and refuse to hold anybody accountable for the lack of delivery on issues such as housing, child poverty, mental health, the Covid vaccination rollout, the lapses in MIQ management and many more! So many people are disturbed by the stealth and secrecy of this government. Major changes to the way of our lives are being made with any consultation or public debate. This government has no mandate for its actions - but is already passing laws which in the future will be difficult to reverse.