Nil bastarda carborundum – Don’t let the b........s grind you down

Today's Issue

Labour Ideology v common sense

1    Unlike other world leaders, Jacinda refused to consider Putin a war criminal.

2          Labour has been generous to gangs yet given only $5 million to Ukraine plus some used military clothing – but no military equipment as requested.

3          Is this due to Jacinda’s long support of the Socialist Unity Party and possible belief in a communist regime? The NY Times scorned NZ’s response.

4          Co-governance for the management of essential services = 50% non-Māori and 50% Māori – although the latter comprise only 16% of the population.

5          Good governance requires the appointment of the best qualified people - race is not a qualification.

6          For first time in decades, NZ has experienced a net loss for immigration, and is discouraging people who want to work here from coming.

7    Meanwhile employers are desperate for skilled immigrant workers to fill jobs.

8    While unemployment is at its lowest, benefit payments have increased.

9          Clearly Labour has been proven wrong in its belief that the work could be done by NZers.

10        Are petrol discounts and reduced border restrictions Labour policy or knee jerk reaction to bad polls?


Worst NZ statistic:   Truancy is now over 50% each day.

Word of the month – “Ardernity” – the wait for details on promised announcements – thanks to David Seymour

Poor performance award – Minister of Health – Dr Do Little has failed to improve any aspect of the health system in 2 years including mental health.